Case Results

Possession of Marijuana and a Controlled Substance

Client was driving home from a friend’s house and was stopped for failure to signal. During the stop, officer requested to search the vehicle because of what appeared to be Marijuana on a tray in the front passenger seat. The client consented to the search which uncovered Marijuana and a bottle which was believed to have been liquid codeine. Client was arrested for both items and taken to Collin County jail. After reviewing the discovery it became apparent that there was no legitimate reason for the stop and the decision was made to file a motion to suppress all the evidence which resulted from the unconstitutional stop. At the motion to suppress hearing the court heard testimony and granted the motion which excluded all evidence acquired by the officer inadmissible at trial. Without any evidence, the state was forced to dismiss all charges and the client is now eligible to have the arrest and charges expunged from his record.

Motion to Suppress Granted; Case Dismissed

Violation of a Protective Order

Client was arrested for Violation of a Protective Order after being arrested by officers for an unrelated driving offenses. At this time of this arrest he was borrowing a friend’s car to run a few errands. Approximately a year prior to this arrest, a default protective order had been granted against this client. A provision in that protective order made it a crime to possess a firearm. During an inventory search of the vehicle, a semi-automatic rifle was uncovered in the trunk of the vehicle. The client made the decision to have a jury trial. After deliberations, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty.

Jury Trial—Not Guilty

Divorce with Children

Dedicated and loving father of a young daughter was going through what he believed to be an uncontested divorce. As an extra precaution, the father hired us to review the final decree that he had received from his wife’s attorney. We identified many clauses that were adverse towards the father, favored the mother, and were not in the best interest of the child. These clauses included the father having limited time with the child, paying excessive amounts of child support, and an unjust division of the community estate. 

We were able to negotiate proper terms for the father that truly represented the best interest of him and his daughter. The agreed final decree increased the father’s possession from a standard possession schedule to a 50/50 possession schedule, decreased his monthly child support payment, and resulted in a fair and equitable division of the community estate. 

Negotiated a Final Divorce Decree that gave the father 50/50 possession of his daughter, decreased the monthly child support payments, and fairly divided the community property. 

DWI BAC >= 0.15

Client was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated after being pulled over by police for speed. A blood test taken after this stop alleged my client’s blood alcohol level (BAC) at the time of the test was .216, resulting in this case being charged as a Class A Misdemeanor. After extensive discovery review, and persistent negotiations, the prosecutor agreed to lower the charges to a first DWI. This reduction was important because it reduced the punishment range, and the client was able to save $3,000 of dollars in DPS surcharges.

Reduced from Class A Misd. To Class B

Child Custody Modification

A father was doing the overwhelming majority of the parenting for his eight-year old daughter, but the previous orders did not protect his newly acquired responsibilities, nor were they in the best interest of the child. The mother had stopped exercising regular possession of the child, and she had developed substance abuse issues. Under the previous orders, the child’s mother was still entitled to a 50/50 possession schedule and the father was not receiving any child support despite having the child nearly all of the time.  

After filing a suit to modify the previous orders, a Collin County court held a temporary orders hearing and named the father as the primary conservator along with granting him the right to designate the child’s primary residence. Additionally, the mother was ordered to submit to rigorous drug screening, and pay child support and cash medical support for the child. These temporary orders were made final through a mediated settlement agreement. 

Successfully filed suit to modify previous custody orders. Father gained the right to designate primary residency of the child, and mother was ordered to begin paying child support. 

DWI 1st

Client was driving home from a birthday party when pulled over for failure to signal a lane change. Client was subsequently arrested for Driving While Intoxicated. The breath test taken at the police station alleged that my client’s BAC was .112. After pointing out some significant weaknesses in the case based on evidence in the video and officer’s report, the prosecution agreed to offer a reduction to obstruction of a passageway, and allowed my client the opportunity to have the case dismissed after successfully completed deferred adjudication probation.

Reduction to Obstruction w/ Deferred Adjudication

DWI 2nd—ALR Hearing

Client pulled over on a major highway for speeding and a missing tail light, and was subsequently arrested for DWI 2nd after the officer saw two open containers of beer in the cup holders. At the Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearing we successfully argued that DPS could not establish my client's alcohol concentration at the time he was operating his vehicle. The Judge found our argument persuasive and denied the request by DPS to suspend my clients driver's license.

Denial of DPS Petition to Suspend Driver’s License