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Drug Possession Defense Attorney In McKinney, Texas

Drug possession is considered a serious crime in Texas. It is estimated that 25% of local inmates and 25% of state prisoners are incarcerated due to drug possession charges, and, often, the state dismisses the fact that these people suffer from severe addictions. Due to these strict drug laws, being charged with possession can often flip your life upside down – whether it be through the loss of your driver’s license, loss of employment, loan ineligibility, child custody modifications and more. If you have been arrested for drug possession, it’s critical that you understand your rights.

In many drug possession cases, convictions are often sought based on evidence that is illegally obtained through faulty tips, invalid search warrants, no probable cause and coerced confessions. At NO Law Firm, PLLC, attorney Nii Amaa Ollennu will do his best to advocate for you by whatever means necessary. At our firm, we proudly serve McKinney, Texas.

Understanding Drug Possessions Charges

If you have recently been arrested, it is important to understand that different drugs fall into a wide range of penalty groups. Another key factor to remember is that the severity of the charge is often determined by the amount of drugs or controlled substances that was found in your possession. By and large, a number of different factors can determine the penalty you face, including:

  • The amount of drugs in your possession
  • The type of drug or drugs in your possession
  • The presence of any drug paraphernalia
  • Any previous convictions

The penalty groups for drug possession charges are organized by the type of drug that you are found to be in possession of. These penalties include:

  • Marijuana: Texas has its own penalty charge for marijuana possession. This charge includes any paraphernalia that is related to marijuana, including vapes, pipes and bongs containing residue.
  • Penalty Group 1: This category includes but is not limited to heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and oxycodone.
  • Penalty Group 1a: This group is specific to LSD.
  • Penalty Group 2: This includes ecstasy, PCP and mescaline.
  • Penalty Group 3: This group includes prescription drugs such as Xanax, Valium and Ritalin.
  • Penalty Group 4: This category involves morphine and opioids.

Source: Texas Criminal Code

Classifications For Drug Possession Charges

The classification of your charge depends on the amount of drugs or controlled substances that have been found in your possession at the time of your arrest. In addition to the quantity of drugs in possession, past convictions may also result in stiffer sentencing. The different state classifications include:

  • Class B misdemeanor
  • Class A misdemeanor
  • Third-degree felony offense
  • Second-degree felony offense
  • First-degree felony offense

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Work With An Experienced Drug Crime Defense Lawyer

Attorney Ollennu has been fighting arrests based on illegal searches and faulty tips for years. As a skilled advocate, he can review your case and defend your rights to ensure that your case is handled by the courts fairly. He is known for his compassion and sincerity, and he is dedicated to listening to the concerns of his clients and fighting for their future. Too often, drug possession charges can cause severe damage to a person’s livelihood, which can have a downward domino effect that is hard for people to come back from. If you are facing difficult drug possession charges, attorney Ollennu wants to help.

If this is your first arrest for drug possession, you may qualify for the first-time offender program to keep the criminal conviction off your record. Find out if your situation is eligible.

Don’t Let A Drug Charge Ruin Your Future

Being charged with drug possession can leave you feeling hopeless. The good news is that you don’t have to face this challenge on your own. Having an experienced and trusted adviser on your side can often help turn the tides in your case. Attorney Ollennu has extensive experience helping individuals fight their charges and reduce or eliminate the consequences of their arrests in their drug possession proceedings. If you’re searching for a lawyer who is ready to fight for you, contact us by calling 469-983-6973 or filling out our online contact form today.