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Texas is notorious for being tough on crime. Texas laws carry severe penalties for many offenses. This can be a harsh reality to face for someone who is in trouble with the law for the first time. Whether youthful inexperience, social circumstances, or addiction is to blame, a first-time conviction can crush your hopes and change your life drastically.

To explore your options for a better outcome, discuss your situation in-depth with a caring, experienced defense attorney. Contact NO Law Firm to learn about our reputation for kindness and genuineness toward our clients, including those who have been convicted or are at risk of being convicted of crimes.

An Avenue of Hope: First-Time Offender Programs

Thankfully, Texas offers many first-time offenders special programs that are designed to help them avoid criminal convictions. Only people accused of nonviolent crimes qualify for these programs. Drug possession charges can often be resolved through the successful completion of one of the first-time offender programs. If you are ready to give your best efforts, we are ready to stand beside you through the process.

Another Avenue of Hope: Expungement

Perhaps you already have an arrest or conviction on the books. You may have already experienced consequences such as limitations on employment, educational opportunities, and access to housing.

Criminal records that are often eligible for expungement include the following:

  • Arrests that did not result in criminal charges
  • Criminal charges that have been dismissed
  • Criminal charges resulting in not guilty verdicts
  • Criminal charges resulting in acquittals
  • Arrests when a person’s name appeared by mistake
  • Some juvenile misdemeanors

To explore the options that may be available to you, bring all the facts and a willingness to do your part to your initial consultation with Attorney Ollennu. He assumes that you care about doing the right thing and moving forward with a clean slate. He is here to support your demonstration of responsibility and integrity as you pursue an expungement or participate in a first-time offender program.

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DWI Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are the Drunk Driving Laws in Texas?

    In Texas, laws for drunken driving are based upon your BAC (blood alcohol concentration), that is above the legal limit, while operating a vehicle. The enforced legal limits are below:

    • Under the age of 21, a BAC of .02 or more
    • Drivers of all ages, a BAC of .08 or more
    • Any commercial vehicle drivers, a BAC of .04 or more

    Anytime you exceed this limit, you run the risk of getting convicted for a DWI.

  • If This Is My First DWI, Will I Receive Jail Time?
    If this is your first alcohol related offense, then you will most likely avoid any jail time. However, this depends on the details of your case.
  • Will I Lose My License if I am Charged with a DWI?

    A DWI offense in Texas can lead to a suspension of your license for a period of 90 days up to 2 years. The length of suspension is determined based on a few different factors.

    • The driver’s age 
    • Blood alcohol level
    • Circumstances of the offense
    • Prior convictions.
  • What Are the Penalties for DWI in Texas?

    In Texas, the state has a wide range of charges for a drunk driving charge.

    • A fine of up to $10,000
    • License suspension for 90 days to two years
    • Installation of an interlock ignition device
    • Mandatory drug and alcohol treatment
    • Seventy-two hours to 10 years in jail

    The severity of your charges can range based on if you have prior DWI convictions. If you do, that would likely lead to more serious charges.

  • Can My DWI Case Get Dismissed?
    In some cases, you can get a DWI dismissed or reduced charges. This depends heavily on the factors of the case. It is always in your best interest to hire a skilled attorney to assist you through your legal troubles.